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Mouse setting
narkozDate: Tuesday, 21-Feb-2012, 12:18 PM | Message # 1
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\sensitivity – Which is pretty much self explanatory. It’s the value that you can edit also from the controls menu. The default value is set to 5. In my post about how to improve your accuracy I said that the lower, the better. I suggest finding your ideal value which depends on a lot of factors including screen resolution. Mine is actually 11.5 (but again I’m under Mac OS X so yours might be much lower).

\cl_mouseaccel – The accelleration value inside Urban Terror. This is not dependent to your system configuration. If you shut off the accelleration under Windows but you still have this variable to any positive value, you will still suffer from accelleration randomness. This is a long debated topic.
A lot of player will suggest you to turn it off completely by setting it to 0. Other players say that having some accelleration is less stressfull for your hand. If you choose to use this value keep it very low. Anything between 0.05 and 0.5 is acceptable.

\m_pitch – This controls the sensitivity of the mouse movements in the Y-Axis. Urban Terror lets you to keep different values for the X and the Y axis. It might be helpful to lower this value in order to increase your accuracy if you are trying to aim at a specific spot (like searching for headshots). Default value is 0.022 , mine is 0.018.

\m_yaw – This controls the sensitivity of the mouse movements in the X-Axis. I found this value to be fine at its default value which is 0.022.
Forum » Test category » Config » Mouse setting
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